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Carla Noto-Vencill

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor

Self Pay Rate

$150 for individuals and couples


Aetna, BCBS, Humana, Optum/United, Magellan, Cigna, Tricare

Get to know Carla Noto-Vencill

Carla Noto-Vencill has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 25 years. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Sacramento Sate University and her Master’s Degree from the American Academy of Family Studies/JFK. Carla is licensed in both California and Texas and is passionate about working with people hoping to understand themselves and others in a deeper way.

Carla is a person-centered therapist encouraging clients to be the expert in their own lives. She believes that true change comes when someone is able to clarify what it is they want to be different, and then, with help, develop strength-based interventions and strategies for achieving those goals. She can help walk you through that process by treating you with respect, providing honest and open feedback, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

Carla has extensive experience working with people in need of mental health and addiction counseling, depression, anxiety and trauma related issues as well as years of relationship counseling (couples, families, work relationships, etc.). She is described by clients as warm, available and extremely engaged.

Carla’s Specialties:

• Addiction counseling for individuals, families and couples
• Anxiety and stress related challenges
• Trauma
• Grief and Loss
• Transitioning from or history of incarceration
• Relationships and healthy communication
• Depression
• Aging and illness

Specific Training:
Motivational Interviewing, ASAM assessment, Mindfulness Meditation, Trauma Informed Care and interventions, Cognitive Behavioral Interventions.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy