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Find relief from the stressors surrounding entering college and beyond. Gain clarity and focus to make the best of your transition to adult life.


Is the idea of getting into college overwhelming?

Where to start, what to expect, what to do?

The transition to college is exciting, scary, and intimidating all at the same time. It is not uncommon for young adults to struggle with academic pressure and emotional strain when they are getting ready to leave the safety net of home. Unfortunately, getting into a four-year college is harder than ever before.

And—once you get in—the difficulties continue. First-time undergraduate freshmen have a dropout rate of 24.1%in their first year. It’s clear that high school seniors need help in preparing for the college experience. Here are some of the issues that will affect them most:

Reducing uncertainty so you can make the most of your college years

Let us guide you through the first obstacles of adulthood.

The process of applying to college brings about a variety of emotional and practical challenges such as picking the right school, fears, anxiety, depression, and inaction.

Not everyone is good at setting and following through on deadlines. College applications have multiple parts that must be filed by a certain time. Plus, there may be aptitude tests (e.g. SAT, ACT) that need to be taken and interviews that need to be scheduled.
Everyone feels a sense of relief when they get into college but, regrettably, there are many other areas to worry about. Getting accepted was only the beginning. Here are common areas of concern for those entering college.
Preparing for and entering college can take a physical and psychological toll on young adults. At Therapy Unlocked, our counselors have years of experience in making the transition to college life.


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