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The consequences of having or not having a career have great impacts on you and the ones you love. Learn how you can get your career to complement your life instead of complicating it.


Your job or lack thereof keeping you up at night?

Empower yourself with the correct career choices

Job affects finances, lifestyle, and self-image. Unemployment, career transitions, and job stress can have a negative impact on physical and emotional health of the individual.

That is when you need to contact a counselor at Therapy Unlocked. Our trained clinicians will help you cope effectively with career-related problems such as:

Is your career a dark dead-end street?

Get assistance to steer your career in the right direction.

Only 49 percent of American workers are satisfied with their job. Facing constant stress day after day makes many people want to run away and hide. But sometimes it feels there is no escape.

Getting fired or demoted is like taking a gut punch. It is a blow to your self-esteem and confidence, not to mention your bank account. Changing careers feels daunting as you’re afraid the grass might only seem greener on the other side.

Allow our therapists to guide you toward making the best out of your career.


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